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Ecuador is a tourist paradise. Its beautiful beaches, ancestral cities, snow-covered mountains, the majesty of the Amazon rain forest, and the Galapagos Islands -a true natural laboratory - are only a few of the many attractions that this small yet grand country offers. Ecuador is one of the most mega diverse countries of the world.

Located in the middle of the world, Ecuador has two cities that hare been declared cultural heritage of the world: Quito and Cuenca. These cities are architectural jewels that preserve the archaeological and colonial treasures that can be enjoyed by citizens as well as foreigners. Also, the Galapagos Islands, with its marine reserve and the National Park Sangay has been declared Natural Heritage of the World.

Ecuador is becoming one of the most important destinations from all over the world for tourists; it has great hotels and culinary specialties of the very best quality. This and much more Ecuador can offer you.

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